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Short bio:

Gianluca Abbate graduated from the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome in 2003. As a multidisciplinary artist, he curated in 2008 the graphic and audio identity of the television channel for MTV; in 2011, he taught a class at Milan's film school (the Scuola civica di cinema di Milano) on new technologies in cinema and television, focusing on video installations.
In 2013 he made together Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri the video installation Microbioma, which won Tonino Derme video art prize.
In 2014 he directed the short film Panorama, which won at 32° Torino Film Festival. The movie has been screened in several exhibition and festival, among which Cinema al MAXXI, curated by Mario Sesti, at Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Channels Video Art Festival in Melbourne, ?stanbul Modern Sanat Müzesi the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art , Video art exhibition Ecoscope in Moscow curated by Marina Fomenko, and it has been broadcasted on ARTE Creative and IKONO TV.
From 2015 to 2016 Panorama won several awards, among which Videoformes Prix Video Art International Prize in Clermont-Ferrand, Visioni Urbane Award at 21° Visioni Italiane in Bologna, Special Mention Prize at Genova Film Festival, Call4Robot Award at Robot Festival in Buenos Aires, Andrea Pazienza Prize awarded by Libero Bizzarri Foundation and Nastro d'Argento prize.

Nastro d'Argento 2016
Best short film at 32° Torino Film Festival
Videoformes 2015 Award Clermont-Ferrand
Visioni Urbane Award at 21° Visioni Italiane
Genova Film Festival Award – Special Jury Award / Special Mention
Call4Robot Award | Robot Festival Buenos Aires
Fondazione Libero Bizzarri | Andrea Pazienza Prize

2014 | "Homo Sacer" Video Project | Lenght 7min 7sec
Panorama | Gianluca Abbate
Panorama | Gianluca Abbate
Panorama is the first chapter of a trilogy on the city. The video is a review on a polis that stretches away over an infinite global space with no more uninhabited places nor frontiers where we can take refuge. In this landscape we cannot see any way of readmission for those who have once been excluded, and this recalls imaginary worlds in search of a balance.
Requirements for the fruition of the work
The 2K video resolution, according to the target technology, can be limited to a single channel screening, which is ideal on a 50 inch or larger monitor, or it can be adapted to a multi-screening system.

Microbioma | Gianluca Abbate
Microbioma is a video art project conceived as a series. The first work consists in projecting on a wall many tiny moving figures, which through the cyclic repetition in different sizes would create visual and rhythmical patterns.
The figures are at first simple flowers, small jellyfish, and then a hemorrhage/drain swarming with objects, and they move shining over darker backgrounds which depict ancient frescoes and mosaic decorations.
Microbioma recreates a ambient where the objects belonging to an imploded reality fluctuate as in a vortex. No perspective nor reflection, no research of sense, no transcendence, no ghost nor symbol, but an ocean of images, signs in a neverending combination. The frescoes on the background lose their meaning and they also become serial images, integrating themselves in the constellation of the objects-signs.

“While objects are neither flora nor fauna, they give the impression of being a proliferating vegetation; a jungle where the new savage of modern times has trouble finding the reflexes of civilization.” (JEAN BAUDRILLARD).

The Story of Gardens
2012 | Video Installation | Site specific
The Story Of Gardens | Gianluca Abbate
“The story of gardens” is a video installation commissioned by VideoSoundArt in collaboration with the Film Academy “Scuola Civica di Cinema” in Milan. It was presented on the occasion of the second edition of VideoSoundArt, that took place at Villa Simonetta in Milan. The work consists of a footage of dance theatre actors attending the Theatre Academy “Teatro Scuola Paolo Grassi”. The film shows a performance conceived and organized, through processes of digital elaboration, in order to coat the architectural facade of Villa Simonetta.
The choreography and organization of the project has been carried out in collaboration with the editorial staff of VideoAoundArt, which is interested in experimenting and merging different languages.

Ade Creative Studio | Self-Promotional Idents
2012 | Video Teaser | Site specific
Ade Creative Studio | Gianluca Abbate
Ade creative studio Self-promotional Idents are a series of videos that I made in order to promote the work of Ade Creative Studio, which is a multidisciplinary creative lab specialized in identity design and production of communication tools.
Since its foundation, the studio launched a research drawing on past and contemporary art experiences, and this because the design of communication forms is here considered as an applied art. This is what gave rise to the work on the great authors’ famous aphorisms.